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Pokemon No! Electric Safety Warning for Pokemon Go Players

When playing this reality game, stay away from power lines, transformers and substations. We cannot control where the Pokemon appear, but make sure you catch them from a safe distance.


December 2015 Outage - Worst Since 1998

During the early hours of Saturday, December 12, heavy, wet snow began falling throughout Midstate Electric Cooperative’s service area. Such storms usually cause system damage triggering outages. On-call crews are ready at a moment’s notice to repair reported damage.

The first large outage occurred at approximately 5:00 pm that evening with nearly 2,000 members out of power. By 9:00 pm, that number was down to just over 500, but the relentless heavy, wet snow fell throughout the night, causing extensive damage, the worst MEC has encountered since 1998.

MEC Member Survey Complete

MEC's member survey is now complete.  Thank you to our members who took the time to participate!

MEC's Operation Round Up® Program Donates!

MEC's Operation Round Up® Program recently donated $2,000 to La Pine Rodeo Association!

Help Us Help You

We’re updating so we can keep you posted. Help us provide you with excellent member services by updating your information in our member database. Please print out the form, fill it out and mail it to us. (Please note:  If not present in the office, your signature(s) must be notarized).  Your privacy is important to us. We will not share any provided information with others. Communication in our busy world is changing and we want to know the best ways to let you know about planned outages, large emergency outages, upcoming events and programs.

PowerPay - Put your power in your hands!

PowerPay allows you to prepay for your electricity before you use it. PowerPay provides an alternative to traditional monthly billing by allowing you to decide when you want to deposit funds into your account. The beauty of PowerPay is that you can “fill up” your electric account just like you fill up your gas tank in your car – 1 gallon at a time or with a full tank.

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