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MEC Seeking Demand Reduction Program Participants!

Midstate Electric Cooperative launched an 18-month peak demand reduction pilot program called PEAK HOUR REWARDS in 2017. The purpose of the program was to try to minimize our wholesale power costs by shifting peak time electric usage (typically between 7am and 9am October - April) to non-peak periods. The findings of the pilot program would be used to determine if a full-scale program would be viable.

MEC Soliciting bids for Right of Way clearing Projects

Midstate Electric is soliciting bids for Right of Way (ROW) clearing projects.  Projects will be awarded separately.  All forest activities operations near overhead electric lines must be done in accordance with the requirements of OAR 437, Division 2/S, Electrical, 1910.33(33)(3), Selection and use of Work Practices.  All work performed within 15 feet of the primary overhead powerline must be done by Qualified Line Clearance Arborist.

Pokemon No! Electric Safety Warning for Pokemon Go Players

When playing this reality game, stay away from power lines, transformers and substations. We cannot control where the Pokemon appear, but make sure you catch them from a safe distance.


December 2015 Outage - Worst Since 1998

During the early hours of Saturday, December 12, heavy, wet snow began falling throughout Midstate Electric Cooperative’s service area. Such storms usually cause system damage triggering outages. On-call crews are ready at a moment’s notice to repair reported damage.

The first large outage occurred at approximately 5:00 pm that evening with nearly 2,000 members out of power. By 9:00 pm, that number was down to just over 500, but the relentless heavy, wet snow fell throughout the night, causing extensive damage, the worst MEC has encountered since 1998.

MEC Member Survey Complete

MEC's member survey is now complete.  Thank you to our members who took the time to participate!


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