Monday | February 21, 2022

Effective April 1st, 2022, Midstate Electric Cooperative is implementing a rate adjustment for our Single Phase Residential and Single Phase General Service rate classes. MEC rates are determined by a cost-of-service assessment that looks at all rate classes. As a cooperative, our rates are designed to only recover the actual cost to serve every MEC member.

Starting April 1st, the Facilities Charge for Single Phase Residential and General Service rate classes will increase from $29/month to $32/month. At the same time, the Energy Charge for these rate classes will decrease from 6.68¢/kWh to 6.45¢/kWh, regardless of how many kWhs are used.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this rate adjustment affect my bill?

Since the Facilities Charge increase is coupled with an Energy Charge decrease, a member using the average 1,300 kWh in a billing period will see an increase of just 0.01%, or 1¢. A member using 890 kWh in a billing period would see an increase of 1.09%.

Why is this rate adjustment necessary?

A cost-of-service assessment was conducted by an independent party. This assessment reviewed the fixed costs and entirety of cost of serving every MEC member. The assessment determined that MEC’s Facilities Charge is below what is required to recoup the fixed costs to MEC. The assessment was brought before the Board of Directors and they approved the new rate structure.

What is a Facilities Charge?

The Facilities Charge is designed to recoup the fixed costs that MEC incurs before a single kWh is delivered to a member. These costs include wire, substations, poles, etc. that are needed to provide power, even before a single light switch is turned on. This charge will be $32/month beginning April 1st.

What is an Energy Charge?

The Energy Charge is the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) consumed during a billing period. One kWh is equivalent to 1,000 watts being consumed for one hour; 2,000 watts consumed for one hour equals two kWh. This charge will be 6.45¢/kWh beginning April 1st.


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