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In partnership with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Midstate Electric Cooperative has joined a new network—Voices for Cooperative Power—to help consumer-members just like you tell your story with elected officials.

We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to energy policies.  As electric cooperatives, we continue to champion commonsense policies that reflect the needs of co-op members and the communities we call home. As an advocate, speaking up on issues that impact your electric co-op sends a message to elected officials about the needs of our communities and their constituencies.

Currently the Lower Snake River Hydroelectric Dams, which provide dependable electricity to Midstate Electric Co-op members, are at risk of being breached. These four dams produce enough electricity to power a city the size of Seattle. Eliminating these carbon-free resources could increase energy costs by 25%, increase the region's risk of blackouts, and dramatically increase carbon emissions. With your help, we can educate legislators about why the Lower Snake River Dams are so important to our co-ops and our communities. 

If you join Voices for Cooperative Power, you can stay up-to-date on the latest actions and how you can help make a difference. VCP makes it easy to have a say in energy policy decisions that impact you, providing updates and information on how to contact elected officials and government agencies on proposed legislation or regulations. You choose the issues most important to you, including renewable energy, resource adequacy, energy efficiency and rural development. The most important voices to elected officials come from their constituents. We want to make sure consumer-members who care about their communities and their co-ops carry their message to Salem and to Congress. Use the power of your voice to help us make a difference.

Get involved today at https://voicesforcooperativepower.com/LSRDRegister/.