Midstate's Solar Photovoltaic System

Solor Monitoring

The solar PV array that is 40-175W Sharp panels that equals 7 kW of DC power. The DC power is converted to AC power by 3 PV Powered inverters and is estimated to generate 10,000 kWhs a year, or 12% of the estimated annual energy use of the Administration building.   


PV System


PV System

SHARP 175W Panels PV Powered Inverters

Installed by:
Sunlight Solar Energy


This solar PV System was made possible with a partnership between the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)Sunlight Solar EnergyPV Powered, Bonneville Power Administration, Fat Spaniel TechnologiesOregon Department of Energy Business Energy Tax CreditBank of Cascades, and Midstate Electric Cooperative. Thank you!