Midstate Electric Cooperative's (MEC) Net Metering Program is available to residential members who install a photovoltaic (PV) system with a nameplate capacity of 25kW or less.

When the sun is shining, your home will first use the energy created by your solar system. If your system is generating more than you use for the month, the excess energy goes back onto the MEC grid. When the system isn’t generating (at night when the sun isn't shining) your home will use the MEC grid for all power needs. In this way, the MEC grid acts like a giant battery.

At the end of each month, the excess energy you put back on the grid is subtracted from all the energy that MEC delivered to you, and you only pay for the “net” energy used for the month. If you put more back onto the grid than was delivered to you, the excess amount is credited to your account.

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Net Metering Program

  • Available to residential members.
  • Maximum nameplate capacity of 25kW.
  • Excess generation is credited to your account at the wholesale rate (what MEC pays for power). This calculation is done during billing.
  • Midstate does not aggregate load from multiple meters.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Midstate is proud to deliver clean energy to our members. Thanks to Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), approximately 85% of the power we purchase is renewable and 95% carbon-free.

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Rebate & Incentive Programs

  • There is a Federal tax credit of up to 30% of project cost. This is a non-refundable tax credit, so it will depend on your individual situation if you will be able to take full advantage of this.
  • The State of Oregon has a rebate program that essentially acts as a discount for up to $5,000. Check the State website to see if money is still available here

There are no rebates or incentives for installing photovoltaic systems available through Midstate. 

Residential rate comparison:

    Rate Comparison Info

Keep in mind that low rates effect the simple payback of a solar system. According to Solar Oregon, the average cost for a 5kW system is $18,000 ( A 5kW system in La Pine would generate an estimated 7,395 kWh per year (calculations from NREL and would take an estimated 36 years to pay for itself at current rates.

Learn about our current incentive programs.