When an outage occurs, crews and staff work hard to restore power quickly and safely.  Prior to reporting a power outage:

1. Check to be sure the outage was not caused by a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. 

2. Check our Live Outage Map to see if an outage has already been reported in your area. 

If you determine you are experiencing an outage that needs to be reported, please call MEC's outage number, 800-752-5935.

Provide the following:

  • Your name, address and phone number

  • The name listed on the electric bill

  • Your meter number (this can be located on your electric bill)

  • Whether or not you heard or saw anything that may have caused the outage (such as a tree falling on the line)

If you call and get a busy signal, others may also be without power. Be assured that employees are working as quickly as possible answering phones and dispatching crews. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If an outage is reported and it is determined not to be a MEC-related issue (example: a flipped breaker), you may be billed for a service call.