On your February 2024 billing statement, you will see the following rate changes:

  • Energy Charge rate increase of $0.0095 per kilowatt-hour for all rate classes (The Energy Charge is the price per kilowatt-hour of electricity you use.)

  • $1.50 per month increase in Street Lighting

  • $1.00 per month increase in Yard/Security Lighting

Midstate’s board of directors has approved these increases in response to the rising cost of wholesale power rates and to ensure the cooperative can continue to provide safe, reliable energy to our members.

The decision to raise member rates is not easy. This adjustment is necessary to ensure we can maintain the services our members have come to expect and support ongoing enhancements to our infrastructure.

In October, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), our power supplier, increased their power service rates by 18%. We have also seen substantial price increases for essential equipment ranging from 50% to 100% for transformers, poles, wires, and more. The cost of shipping has gone up 100%. All of these factors have forced us to make difficult decisions regarding our rates.

Maintaining dependable service at an affordable price remains the cornerstone of a cooperative’s business. We have a strong internal focus on containing costs and operating efficiently to control costs for our members.

Type in your monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage in the calculator below to see what your bill will be with the new rate. 

Old Rate
Single Phase Residential: kWh x 0.0675 $0.00
+ Single Phase Facilities Charge: $35.00
Total Charges: $35.00
Three Phase Residential: kWh x 0.0675 $0.00
+ Three Phase Facilities Charge: $67.00
Total Charges: $67.00
New Rate
Single Phase Residential: kWh x 0.0770 $0.00
+ Single Phase Facilities Charge: $35.00
Total Charges: $35.00
Three Phase Residential: kWh x 0.0829 $0.00
+ Three Phase Facilities Charge: $67.00
Total Charges: $67.00
Rate Schedule Sheet

February Rate Increase Q&A

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable energy to our members at the most reasonable rates possible. With the increased costs of wholesale power, substantial price increases for essential equipment, increased shipping costs, and supply chain issues, we need to raise our rates.

To meet our financial obligations, the board of directors approved a rate adjustment that will be effective on your February 2024 billing statement. Even with the adjustment, MEC rates will remain among the lowest in the country.

The Energy Charge will increase by $0.0095 per kilowatt-hour for all rate classes (less than a penny). The Street Lighting will increase by $1.50/month, and Yard/Security Lighting will increase by $1.00/month.

For a residential member using 1,200 kWh in a billing period, the bill will go up from $116.00 to $127.40 (including the $35.00 Facilities Charge). If your usage is more or less than this average, the increase will vary accordingly.

The rate increase will take effect on your February billing statement.

We are a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative. We exist to serve our members with reliable, affordable power and any margins (profits) we receive are invested into the electric system or allocated to you in the form of capital credits.

Yes, co-ops across the state and country are raising rates to adjust for the increased costs of products and services.

We offer rebates for a variety of energy-saving measures. You may also call us for a free energy assessment of your home.

Energy assistance is also available for qualifying members through Deschutes County NeighborImpact (541-504-2155) and Klamath & Lake Community Action Services (541-882-3500).

If you have a SmartHub account, you can monitor your energy usage through the member portal online or through our SmartHub app.

We offer a variety of payment options to help with budgeting:

  • Prepaid Program – allows you to choose your payment frequency and pay as you go. You can monitor your energy use and credit balance daily, weekly, or monthly to match your budget.
  • Budget Billing – allows you to make even monthly payments to reduce the impact of seasonal factors that can affect your bill.
  • Auto-Pay – allows you to have payments automatically posted to your credit or debit card or paid from your bank account.

Despite this rate increase, Midstate is still competitive with our neighboring utilities, both cooperatives and investor-owned, and we are well below the national average. For example, the chart below shows how a Midstate member using 1,200 kWh each month compares to his or her neighbors who are served by other utilities.

Rate Comparison